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USNH Guantanamo Bay
PSC 1005, Box 11185 
FPO AA 34009

From US (757) 458-2998 Option 1 dial 5 digit extension 
Quarterdeck 7-2360
Appointments 7-2110
Pharmacy 7-2190 Refill Line 7-2930

Email the Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay Public Affairs Office

We welcome you to learn more about and to join the Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay Patient & Family Partnership Council. The goal of the council is to provide a channel for the diverse members of our community, patients, family members and/or friends of patients, and health care professionals to discuss and collaborate on ways to make our Naval Hospital the best Military Treatment Facility it can be. Call 7-2072 to learn about joining or about attending one of our regularly scheduled meetings. 

If you cannot reach the Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) system please email our 
Customer Relations Team or call 7-2072.

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