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The Hospital Will be in a Training Environment, Thursday December 2
Services Will be Limited to Urgent/Emergency Care from 8 to 3 p.m.

About Us

Incoming Personnel 


Congratulations on your orders to USNH Guantanamo Bay! We look forward to your arrival. You will be a member of a team that provides top quality health care for a population of approximately 6,000 installation residents including active duty, their families, U.S. civilian and foreign national personnel. We maintain one the Navy's highest patient satisfaction rates among all Military Treatment Facilities, manage the only Home Health facility in the Navy and have earned the Navy Surgeon General’s Blue H Gold Star every year since 2014.  

Preparing to PCS 

USNH Guantanamo Bay is staffed and equipped primarily for providing care and treatment of general  and medical conditions and emergency treatment. If you have an ongoing medical or dental condition, you must obtain special clearance through the Overseas Screening Process before you transfer.  Information about the process and disqualifying medical conditions may be found here.

Helpful Guides

Please also find our NMRTC USNH Guantanamo Bay PCS Checklist and Welcome Aboard Package which may be very useful as you plan and prepare for your move here. To gain insight on day to day activities and life at Guantanamo Bay check out this week's Base Roller Channel Slides. 

Urgent need after hours and can't reach your sponsor? Call the Quarterdeck and let them know you need to be connected with the USNH GB Sponsorship Coordinator.  Dial (757) 458-2998 Choose Option "1", Dial extension 7-2360. DSN 660-2360. 

Prior to Checking-In 

New! No-Fee Passport Requirement for Family Members

Credentials Checklist for Providers and Clinical Support Staff​


When you arrive:  Check-In Procedures

COVID-19 Protocol

ROM Policy

As of June 1, personnel who voluntarily provide proof of vaccination and are 2 weeks from second dose (or single Janssen) are not required to undergo Restriction of Movement (ROM). Personnel who do not voluntarily provide proof of vaccination are required to ROM for 14 days upon arrival. 

Personnel who are vaccinated, but less than two weeks from second or single Janssen dose, may be eligible for partial ROM. Whether you have or have not received COVID-19 vaccine, you are encouraged to review the NSGB ROM Policy and COVID-19 Travel Mitigation Procedures to ensure you and your family understand the instruction and are prepared for your travel and arrival here.  

Personnel and family members who are required to ROM will be escorted to quarters.  Paperwork that must be completed during that period will be delivered to your doorstep without contact. If you are required to ROM, read complete ROM Instruction to understand medical and release protocol while restricted to quarters. This requirement is subject to change, check with your sponsor if you have questions. 

COVID-19 Test Required Prior to Travel

Effective, January 19, 2021, all passengers flying into Guantanamo Bay must have proof of negative COVID-19 test that is no more than 72 hours old at check-in time. Read complete instruction here.  The requirement applies to all personnel and family members age 2 and older.  

Go here for a list of testing locations in the Jacksonville, Florida area.  
Go here for a list of testing locations in the Norfolk, Virginia area.
Go here for a list of testing locations in the Charleston, South Carolina area. 




Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.