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Health Services


Welcome to the Optometry Department, Naval Hospital, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. We provide comprehensive eye and vision care to eligible on-base residents. Our staff examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases, injuries, and disorders of the visual system, orbit, and related structures. In addition, we work with your primary care doctor and medical team to identify and monitor certain systemic conditions that can affect your eyes and vision.


Appointments are open to all eligible beneficiaries onboard NSGB to include: active duty and their family members; retirees and their family members, federal government employees and contract workers.

Please report 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment for screening tests. Patients reporting later than 10 minutes after their scheduled appointment may be rescheduled. 

Vision Ready is Mission Ready

 Our mission is to:
  1. Enhance the readiness of active duty forces by providing the highest possible quality of eye care.
  2. Provide the same quality of eye care to the families of active duty personnel, retirees, and all others entrusted to our care.
  3. Ensure the professional development of the Optometry Clinic staff. 

Services by Category

Active Duty

Comprehensive eye exams, physicals, visual concerns, spectacle ordering, spectacle repair, contact lens updates and exams at provider discretion, refractive surgery (PRK/LASIK) evaluations and post-operative care.

If active duty members lose or break their glasses and have a current eye examination in their health record (less than 2 yrs. old), they can go to SRTS Web  to reorder a previous military pair and have it sent directly to you. Additionally, active duty members can walk-in without an appointment and reorder glasses or obtain a copy of their prescription if you would like to purchase on your own. Active Duty members are allowed to order one free frame of choice per year, two free standard issue frames, gas mask inserts if deploying, and ballistic eyewear if deploying.


Comprehensive eye exams, spectacle ordering, spectacle repair, and some contact lens exams.  Retirees are authorized one free pair of standard issue frames per year. Adjustments and repairs are offered as a walk-in service during normal business hours. Patients with a current eye examination from another facility may bring their spectacle prescription to the Optometry clinic during normal business hours to have the standard issue frame ordered.

Dependents, Federal Government Employees, Contract Workers

Comprehensive eye exams, visual concerns, school referrals, and some contact lens updates and exams at provider discretion. 

All Patients

All patients are eligible to purchase frames through the hospital.  Glasses fabricated on-island are limited due to available stock, staffing, and type of glasses (single vision only).  Glasses unable to be fabricated on-island will be ordered online through the DOD Fabrication Enterprise and will take approximately 45 days to arrive.
Patients will be provided a copy of their current prescription and may elect to order glasses online via any of the online optical shops that deliver to GTMO.
Your eyes may be dilated at your examination depending on your medical eye history and we encourage patients to bring sunglasses as light sensitivity may occur after dilation.

Contact Lenses

Contact lens exams are not a Tricare-covered benefit, but are made available when possible. If you currently wear contacts, please bring your boxes, contact lenses, and back-up glasses to your appointment so we can help you as much as possible. Without these things, there is no guarantee for a prescription.
It is at the discretion of the provider whether the clinic can support new contact lens fittings and will be based on schedules, staffing, and availability of trial contact lenses.
NOTE: The clinic does not order or provide contact lenses.

Active Duty Re-Order Form: 

Active duty can reorder military glasses using this form. if you feel their prescription has not changed.

How Are We Doing? 

Patients are encouraged to complete the online Optometry Clinic Customer Service Survey each time you visit our facility, especially if you observe a difference in the care received, whether positive or negative. Feedback from our patients is extremely important in assisting our team to make a positive and lasting impression of our facility and your care.


Contact Us


Weekdays 8:00 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

Telephone Number(s)

To reach any number at the hospital from U.S. (757) 458-2998
Option 1 dial 5 digit extension 


From Quarterdeck straight down main hallway to elevator
Take to 2nd floor Right off elevator to Specialty Care Clinics
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