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Health Services

Women's Health & Pregnancy

Scope of Care


Maternity care and delivery for routine pregnancies is provided. High risk pregnancies that may require specialized care may be referred to a stateside provider. If you or your spouse are in a high-risk pregnancy category, discuss with overseas screening before reporting to Guantanamo Bay.  


Available services include diagnosis and treatment of abnormal PAP Smear.
Contraceptive services include education and counseling on contraceptive options for initiation of prescription contraceptives and are accessible by scheduled appointment or on a walk-in basis during clinic hours.
Please contact the clinic if you have any questions regarding services available and a member of the team will be glad to assist you.


Mammography is not available at USNH GB. Women 40 and older, or women with a family history of breast cancer must obtain an examination before reporting to Guantanamo Bay. Women who require a mammogram during their tour will be referred for stateside care. 

How are we doing? 

Women's Health Customer Evaluation (ICE) – Patients are encouraged to complete the online Women's Health Customer Service Survey each time you visit our facility, especially if you observe a difference in the care received, whether positive or negative. Feedback from our women's health patients is extremely important in assisting our team to make a positive and lasting impression of our facility and your care.

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Weekdays 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 
Emergency Care 24/7 

Phone Numbers

Emergency Room
7-2690 or dial 911 
To reach any number at the hospital from U.S. (757) 458-2998
Option 1 dial 5 digit extension 


1st Floor Primary Care Clinics 
From Quarterdeck Straight to Elevators 
Left to Primary Care Clinic Window to Check In 

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